About us

  • Our aim

    Since it began operating, the THANOS temporary employment agency has aimed to help companies which are looking for specific employees. This is particularly important for employers nowadays, when many industries are struggling with serious staff shortages. Our help will enable a business to run properly, with no downtime caused by lack of manpower.

  • We operate on different levels

    We specialise not only in providing qualified staff, but also in employee outsourcing and seeking out candidates for the most demanding of tasks. This way we relieve companies of the need to look for people and carry out recruitment. It also frees them from the cost and time involved in those processes.

  • Our own employee and employer base

    Because we have amassed our own data base of employees and relevant industry contacts, we have a wide pool of workers and employers in a variety of business sectors. So you will find we have both professional category C drivers and forklift operators, as well as invoicing and logistics specialists. We rigorously check the competencies of all of them, which means that the employer is guaranteed to be satisfied.

We ensure
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THANOS is a partner
that you can trust!

Our temporary employment agency approaches every order individually, because we know that each company has its own specific requirements and preferences. Meeting together lets us determine exactly what kind of employees you need. Once we find the right ones, they start work at the time and place of your choosing.

All our business is conducted in accordance with the applicable regulations and the Labour Code. We will help you find employees for a fixed length of time, as well as the right people to take on indefinitely. In the case of foreigners, we ensure that their stay and form of cooperation are legal.

B2B offer


  • High quality services.

  • Individual approach
    to the client.

  • Experience and commitment.

  • High ethical standards.