Our offer covers a variety of sectors of business and the economy. The wide range of employees that we can supply means that THANOS can provide effective help to many companies in various sectors. The list below details the employees available in different sectors of the economy. Regardless of which sector your company operates in, our temporary employment agency will have the right candidates for you.

  • Manufacturing sector

    • machine/production operators
    • manufacturing assistants
    • hand packagers
    • DT forklift operators
    • warehousemen
  • Logistics

    • logistics specialists
    • professional drivers Cat C
    • professional drivers Cat C + E
    • UDT forklift operators
    • warehousemen
    • packers
  • E-commerce and online trading

    • packers
    • warehousemen
    • deliverers and drivers
    • logistics specialists
  • HoReCa

    • cooks
    • kitchen assistants
    • maid
    • waiter
    • specialist spa personnel
  • Wholesale and retail market

    • checkout assistants
    • customer service staff
    • merchandisers
    • drivers and deliverers
  • Cleaning staff

    • cleaning teams
    • hotel staff
  • Administration

    • invoicing specialists
    • sales staff
    • classifiers
    • archivists

Benefits for your business

THANOS temporary employment agency provides reliable help and support n every situation. We are open to cooperation with companies that need additional qualified staff whether for longer or shorter periods. We have employees who will fully meet your expectations.

We are perfectly aware that in business, time is money. With us, you will not waste it. We have established procedures enabling us to check and recruit large numbers of candidates within a very short time. Our data base helps us with this, holding the details of people with diverse qualifications seeking temporary or permanent work.

When searching for new candidates, we choose the most appropriate based partly on modern recruitment tools in a teleconference system. In addition, as soon as the contract is signed we take care of the entire administrative side.

What do you gain?


You do not have to advertise that you need an employee, then carry out interviews and choose the best candidates.

A guarantee that you will find the right employee

Our procedures enable us to precisely define the competencies and experience of each person, so you can be sure that the employee we supply meets all your requirements.

Being spared administrative matters

As specialists with many years of experience, we are able to deal reliably with administrative tasks connected with payroll, employment and payments. We allow you to avoid the risks involved with this, to the protection of both your employees and your company, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.


How do we operate?

Understanding clients’ every need is fundamental when .looking for the right employees for them
This is why we developed the optimal collaboration model which we have been using for many years, and which works perfectly in practice:

  • meeting

    During the meeting with us you can stipulate precisely which skills you require new workers to have.

  • contract

    After settling all the details, we sign an employee outsourcing contract.

  • order

    You place an order containing your specific requirements regarding employees.

  • recruitment

    We take care of selecting the appropriate candidates who precisely match all your demands connected with the given work.

  • providing the employees

    We supply the selected employees to the site indicated by you, at the agreed time.

  • VAT invoice

    We issue a VAT invoice for the service rendered based on the employee records.

Simple and transparent principles

Collaboration with us is based on simple, clear and transparent principles, with no catches or legal snags.
This makes THANOS temporary employment agency a partner whose support you can also rely on. This can be confirmed by the numerous companies which we have supplied with staff over the years.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, so we make every effort to ensure that every client is pleased after entrusting us to find the right employees. You can find out for yourself by joining that list of satisfied clients – we await your cooperation.